Request for Accommodations    Help

Students registered with both LSS and ODS can request their course accommodations using the tools in this section.

How to send Accommodation Letters to your professors?

  • Students are able to complete the Request for Accommodations Form to send their letters to their professors. (Students will not be able to use their accommodations until this form is completed.) Click the 'Accommodations' button in the above menu in order to get started. 
  • On the next page, students will see a list of their classes. Please click "Request" for any of the classes listed. (This will bring students to the Request for Accommodations Form and there will be an option to select multiple classes at once.)
  • Through this form, students will indicate the specific accommodations they want to be sent to each professor.
  • Upon submission of this form, professors will receive an automatic email with access to the student's accommodation letter. Professors will be able to review and confirm they've recieved this letter. (This letter is a pre-formatted letter that will automatically pull in the indicated accommodations and class information from the form.)
  • Students will not need to type out this letter or manually send a copy of this letter to their professors. (EXCEPTION: For classes with multiple professors, a copy of the letter may need to be provided to the professors who are not indicated as the primary professor for this class.)
  • After letters have been sent, students should follow up with their professors to discuss how their accommodations will be implemented. (For example, students should establish where they'll be taking tests with extra time. Will their professor be able to proctor the test or is there a conflict so LSS or ODS, depending on where they are registered, will need to proctor the test?)

How will I know if my professor saw my Accommodation Letter?

  • Once the Request for Accommodations Form is submitted, students will see "Sent" under the status for each sent letter.
  • When professors review and confirm receipt of the letter, this status changes to "Confirmed."

Can I view a copy of my Accommodation Letters?

  • Yes, students can access their accommodation letters on Clockwork at any time once the Request for Accommodations Form has been completed.
  • Students can select "Get Letter," to generate a downloadable PDF copy of their letter.

What if the accommodations I see available to be selected on the Request for Accommodations Form are not correct or I need additional accommodations?

  • If students require changes to their accommodations or have questions or concerns about their accommodations, they will have the option to notify LSS or ODS, depending on which department they are registered with, through this request form.
  • Students may need to meet with LSS or ODS to address these concerns and update their approved accommodations.
  • Important Note: Students' accommodation letters will not be sent to their professors until this issue has been resolved. (The status will be listed as "Pending" to indicate the unresolved issue.)

What if I need to make changes or add new accommodations after my letters have been sent out?

  • If letters have already been sent out, students should contact LSS or ODS, depending on where they are registered, to discuss these changes.
  • LSS/ODS will work with the student to adjust their accommodations and reset the letters so they can be sent out with the updated accommodations.
  • Students should then follow up with their professors to ensure they see the updated accommodations in the letter.

If you have any questions or require assistance please contact LSS at 610-519-5176 or, or ODS at